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    1. Study shows wineries are steadily increasing

      Explore Portland Tribune & Community Newspapers (Jan 29 2015)

      Study shows wineries are steadily increasing

      Oregon’s wine industry is not only bringing the state national renown, it’s also become a major pillar of the state’s economy.

      Wine contributes $3.35 billion to the Oregon economy, according to a study released by the Oregon Wine Board last week, and by far the majority of the industry is concentrated in the northern Willamette Valley.

      There were 605 wineries operating in the state in 2013, with a whopping 384 of them located in the northern Willamette Valley. The next closest region was the Applegate and Rogue Valley areas, which hosted a total of 75 wineries ...

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    2. Oregon wine business has a lot of body

      Explore KOIN.com (Jan 27 2015)

      Oregon wine business has a lot of body

      Oregon’s wine industry is on a post-recession roll with planted acres, wineries and sales all reporting gains, and with new interest from investors outside the state, a new assessment says.

      The report from California beverage consultant Full Glass Research says wine grapes aren’t among the state’s top 10 most valuable crops, coming in at No. 11, the agricultural publication Capital Press reports.

      But the report details an industry that punches above its weight with economic impact ranging from the production of oak barrels and steel tanks to money spent by tourists in tasting rooms. It says it ...

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    3. Oregon's wine industry packs a growing economic punch

      Explore Statesman Journal (Jan 27 2015)

      Oregon's wine industry packs a growing economic punch

      Although the economic recovery in Oregon has been uneven across industries, the Oregon wine industry continues to grow, injecting a $3.35 billion booster-shot in 2013, according to a newly-released study.

      The first detailed study commissioned by the Oregon Wine Board since 2010, the report by Full Glass Research, a Berkeley, Calif.-based research firm, shows the industry's economic impact grew 28 percent in four years.

      In 2013, the industry contributed 17,099 wine-related jobs to Oregon, paying $527 million in wages, and brought in $207.5 million to the state in wine-related tourism revenue. Retail sales of wine ...

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    4. Oregon’s wine industry packs a surprising economic punch

      Explore Capital Press agriculture news (Jan 26 2015)

      A new study says Oregon's focus on high-quality wine has paid off in the form of a $3.3 billion economic impact.


      The first comprehensive look at Oregon’s wine industry in four years estimates it has grown to have an economic impact of $3.35 billion, counting direct and related sales, jobs, services and products.

      The report by Full Glass Research describes an industry on a post-recession roll, with planted acres increasing by 18 percent since 2011, the number of wineries up 45 percent and a 39 percent increase in sales.

      Oregon grape growers and wine makers have ...

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    5. Westward, Ho! Oregon Wine Industry Continues to Grow

      Explore Snooth (Jan 23 2015)

      Oregon Wine Industry Continues to Grow. January 23, 2015 By James Duren. Share: 0 Comments. View Full Size. In case you haven't heard the news, Oregon is a lot more than Ducks and Trailblazers. The Portland Business Journal (PBJ) published an ...

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    6. Oregon Wine Blazing a Trail

      Explore Wine-Searcher. Find and Price Wines. (Jan 22 2015)

      Oregon Wine Blazing a Trail

      Oregon makes, on average, the most expensive wines of any state in the U.S. Despite that, its wine industry is booming, with sales up a whopping 39 percent over the past two years. Everything is up in Oregon: the number ... Wine ratings are up too, pointed out Oregon Wine Board executive director Tom Danowski, who said that, of the 814 wines worldwide that scored 90 points or more in a 2014 year-end wrap-up done by Wine Spectator, an astonishing 102 were from Oregon.

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    7. Pinot Noir drives Oregon wine economics

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Jan 21 2015)

      Pinot Noir drives Oregon wine economics

      Pinot Noir is plowing the way for the Oregon wine industry, which now adds more than $3.3 billion to the state’s bottom line.

      “There’s no question that having a powerful and unique primary grape variety really acts as a snowplow in the marketplace,” said Tom Danowski, executive director of the Oregon Wine Board. “In a region of discovery, it really helps to be able to open the conversation with wines of a particular variety – especially of exceptional quality. That’s where Oregon has been able to shine.”

      Danowski was beaming Tuesday about a new economic impact report ...

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    8. Oregon Winery Wages Outpace Employment: Wine industry report paints positive picture for state and workers

      Explore Wines & Vines (Jan 21 2015)

      Oregon Winery Wages Outpace Employment: Wine industry report paints positive picture for state and workers

      The dramatic growth of the Oregon wine industry is paying off for workers, with wages rising faster than employment.

      The latest study of the Oregon wine industry’s economic impact, prepared by Full Glass Research of Berkeley, Calif., for the Oregon Wine Board, indicates that total industry wages were up 38% in 2013 from 2010, the last year examined.

      By contrast, employment rose just 26.5%, resulting in an increase in the average annual wage to $30,821 for the 17,099 workers in the industry.

      Overall, the economic impact of the state’s wine industry rose 24.1% between ...

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      Explore The Drinks Business (Jan 21 2015)


      According to a report published today by Full Glass Research, Oregon winemakers achieved revenues totalling $816.6 million in 2013, up 49% since 2010.

      While recent “post-recession” investment, between the years of 2011 and 2014, has seen planted acres in the region increase by 18% and the number of wineries increasing by 45%.

      Much of this can be attributed to the region’s increasing international reputation with investment not only by some of the largest US wine companies, but from three top Burgundy producers.

      Louis Jadot now counts two wineries among itsOregon stable, while Domaine Drouhin doubled the size ...

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    10. A lotta grapes: Oregon wine industry worth $3.35B to the state economy

      Explore Business News (Jan 20 2015)

      A lotta grapes: Oregon wine industry worth $3.35B to the state economy

      The Oregon wine juggernaut shows no sign of slowing in the latest tally of the industry's economic impact. There were 18 percent more vineyard acres planted in 2013 than in 2011, the number of wineries grew 45 percent to 605 and the number of cases sold grew 39 percent to 2.8 million, according to an industry review released Tuesday by Full Glass Research, a Berkeley, California firm that specializes in the wine and food industries. The Oregon Wine Board, responsible for promoting the industry,…

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    11. DtC Wine Shipments Grow 15% in 2014: New report dissects $1.8 billion sales channel with $38.40 average bottle price

      Explore Wines & Vines (Jan 16 2015)

      Wine shipments from U.S. wineries to consumers across the country hit all-time highs in value and volume in 2014, according to the 2015 Direct To Consumer Wine Shipping Report created by ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines. The value of these DtC shipments surpassed $1.8 billion, more than 15% above the 2013 total. Volume grew almost as quickly, reaching 3.9 million cases.

      An increasing thirst for wine in general and the removal of previously stubborn legal barriers to interstate shipment coincided with a stronger economy, creating a happy synergy in this relatively small but high-margin market for wine.

      “It ...

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    12. 2014 great year for Oregon wine

      Explore The Daily Barometer (Jan 10 2015)

      Oregon wine grape harvest experiences ideal conditions, students rejoice

      The secret to good wine is good grapes.

      The 2014 growing season produced grapes that have left wine enthusiasts, from researchers to winery owners to students, excited.

      To have good wine, there must be good grapes, and to get good grapes, there must be a favorable climate. Climate is, however, unpredictable and variable.

      Grapevines need a lot of sunlight during the growing season and then 25 - 27 inches of rain during the year to produce high-quality grapes, according to Danielle Gabriel, the communications and outreach manager for the Oregon Wine Research ...

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    13. Top Tonnage

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jan 1 2015)

      Top Tonnage

      There is little doubt that the 2014 Oregon wine harvest will be the fourth consecutive one to exceed the previous year’s total production and claim the all-time high. The most recent vintage is also being touted as the finest yet in overall quality for Pinot Noir.

      Whether this quest for perfection comes to fruition remains to be seen. But 2014 presents the intensity of flavors and harmonious balance winemakers say is needed to attain that goal.

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    14. OWP Wine Person of 2014: Al MacDonald

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jan 1 2015)

      OWP Wine Person of 2014: Al MacDonald

      Among the handful of people pivotal in the evolution of Oregon wine, one should be given considerably more credit than he has thus far been accorded by industry chroniclers.

      That person is Al MacDonald, who planted his first grapevines in 1982 and later served the Oregon wine industry with dedication and distinction for the next three decades.

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    15. Oregon winemakers say 2014 vintage could be a real corker, with dry harvest

      Explore The Republic (Dec 16 2014)

      Oregon winemakers say 2014 vintage could be a real corker, with dry harvest

      EUGENE, Oregon — Winemakers say it was generally dry for Oregon's 2014 grape harvest, and yields were good — which signals an abundance of good wine from the vintage. A spokeswoman for the Oregon Wine Board calls it a Goldilocks year: "Not too ...

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    16. Wrights sell interest in Oregon’s Scott Paul Wines to Healy

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Dec 8 2014)

      Wrights sell interest in Oregon’s Scott Paul Wines to Healy

       Scott and Martha Wright, founders of Scott Paul Wines in Carlton, announced they have sold their interest in the Oregon winery to partner Cameron Healy.

      scott-paul-winesMartha and I founded Scott Paul Wines in 1999, and Cameron joined us on our amazing journey in 2003,” Wright said in a Dec. 5 news release. “As the founder of both Kettle Foods and Kona Brewing Co., Cameron has had a tremendous track record of success and we know the company will be in great hands going forward.”

      Wright said he plans to stay on as a consultant for the next year to help ...

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    17. Celebrating Wine, Preserving History

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Nov 30 2014)

      Celebrating Wine, Preserving History

      By Maureen Flanagan Battistellaand Mary Jane Cedar Face

      Southern Oregon grapegrowers and winemakers celebrated their heritage and a new digital collection at Southern Oregon University’s Hannon Library on Nov. 7.

      With climatologist Greg Jones as moderator, wine historian Will Brown and early viticulture expert Porter Lombard shared their research on and anecdotes of the history of winemaking in Southern Oregon.

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    18. Vintage of a Lifetime

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Nov 30 2014)

      Vintage of a Lifetime

      The Oregon Wine Board’s recently released 2014 Oregon Harvest Report is so filled with praiseful phrases, it almost makes the reader giddy with anticipation.

      How could it get any better than this? “From bud break through harvest, growers and winemakers throughout the state experienced an almost ideal growing season that delivered a record amount of exceptional, balanced fruit.”

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    19. Columbia Gorge AVA Turns 10

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Nov 30 2014)

      Columbia Gorge AVA Turns 10

      This year, the Columbia Gorge AVA celebrates a decade. The beautiful and diverse region rests in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and produces wines from more than 40 different Vitis vinifera grapes.

      The region actually hosts two separate AVAs (American Viticultural Areas): Columbia Gorge AVA, established in 2004, and the southwest corner of the Columbia Valley AVA, established in 1984.

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    20. Sold Out ¡Salud!

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Nov 30 2014)

      Sold Out ¡Salud!

      A private drive traversing the vineyard surrounding Domaine Drouhin Oregon served as tangible testament to a major event held at the Dundee Hills winery on Friday, Nov. 14.

      Vehicles parked on both sides of the roadway almost to the entrance gate made its already narrow width a tight squeeze all the way up to the winery, nearly a quarter mile away.

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    21. Linfield College Hires Wine Director

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Nov 30 2014)

      Linfield College Hires Wine Director

      By OWP Staff

      Ellen Brittan, general manager at the Carlton Winemakers Studio and owner of Brittan Vineyards, has been named director of wine education at Linfield College in McMinnville.

      Brittan will work with Linfield’s Division of Continuing Education (DCE) to develop a wine education program that could include a variety of courses offered online or during the summer. Her appointment is effective Jan. 5.

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    22. Vintage Scoop: Oregon in 2014

      Explore Snooth (Nov 25 2014)

      Vintage Scoop: Oregon in 2014

      Oregon's warmest growing season in recorded history, 2014, is brimming with bounty. With bud break, bloom and véraison all taking place about two to three weeks earlier than average, Oregon vintners can officially put the 2014 growing season in the ...

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    23. ¡Salud! events raise $725,000

      Explore Statesman Journal (Nov 21 2014)

      ¡Salud! events raise $725,000

      Oregon's thriving wine industry depends on the health and vigor of vineyards throughout the Mid-Valley and the state. And those vines depend on countless thousands of farm workers to tend to them by hand.

      Vineyard workers trim back vines as winter approaches and clean up in the vineyard, tie the new shoots and tendrils as they grow in the spring, adjust growing wires along the countless rows of grapevines, trim leaves to expose growing fruit, and harvest the grapes once they're mature.

      One organization, ¡Salud!, works to ensure the health of these vineyard workers and therefore the health ...

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    24. Willamette Valley Auction Raises a Whopping $722,000

      Explore Wine Enthusiast Magazine (Nov 17 2014)

      Willamette Valley Auction Raises a Whopping $722,000

      Over the weekend, November 14–15, hundreds of wine trade professionals gathered for the 23rd annual ¡Salud! The Premier Oregon Pinot Noir Auction—a two-day event in which winemakers from the state’s foremost wineries auction off their latest vintage to raise money for healthcare services for seasonal vineyard workers in the northern Willamette Valley.

      This year, an estimated $722,000 was raised—the auction’s highest amount since the start of the Great Recession.

      The festivities kicked off on Friday, November 14, at Domaine Drouhin Oregon in Dayton, where 475 guests attended the barrel tasting and auction. Forty Willamette ...

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