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    1. A Taste of Eugene

      Explore Wine Press Northwest (3 hours, 26 min ago)

      A Taste of Eugene

      Route 5 NW Wine Bar in Eugene, Oregon offers guests a tasting tour through the wines of the Pacific Northwest.

      “Sometimes people don’t know where they want to visit in wine country,” explains Kirsten Hansen, Wine Director. “At Route 5 they can taste wine from different AVAs.” (American Viticultural Areas).

      Hansen and Route 5’s talented, knowledgeable staff create fun and educational experiences for guests. In addition to the bottle shop selection, a rotation of about 20 Northwest wines (mostly Oregon and Washington) are available by the splash, glass, or flask. Visitors can customize flights. For instance one might ...

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    2. Formaglini Vineyards

      Explore Home Page (Aug 28 2014)

      Formaglini Vineyards

      I recently discovered a nearby Oregon winery owner residing in Orange County, California who has sought success with Oregon Pinot Noir. David de Lancellotti is a very animated and passionate wine lover who has an interesting story to tell behind his inaugural release of 2012 Formaglini Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

      David grew up in a traditional Italian immigrant family living in Orange County where wine was always on the dinner table. As he pursued a career in the tech industry and raised a family, he maintained a close relationship with his Italian heritage, visiting Italy annually with ...

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    3. Historically Honeywood

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Historically Honeywood

      By Ken Friedenreich

      Wine enjoyment and wine lore resemble baseball — each a version of the pastoral. Both pastimes are defined by place — one can say Rogue River or Côte-d’Or, and the initiated know exactly what’s meant — like mentioning “the Green Monster” or “the House that Ruth built.”

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    4. Ledger David Cellars hires Evans as first full-time winemaker

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Aug 27 2014)

      Ledger David Cellars hires Evans as first full-time winemaker

      Florida native B. Kiley Evans got his winemaking start in Southern Oregon, and three years after making wine in North Carolina, he’s back in the Rogue Valley to take the lead atLedger David Cellars.

      And this will be the second time he’s making wine for co-owners David Traul and wife Lena Varner. The relationship began in 2010 before Evans took a winemaking job at Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery in North Carolina to help care for his ailing father and dying grandmother.

      “Before we left for North Carolina, we had dinner and talked about a bunch of things ...

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    5. Riesling Invasion

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Riesling Invasion

      5Q Wines, A to Z Wineworks, Alexana Winery, AlexEli Vineyard, Anam Cara, Anonymity, Argyle Winery, Bethel Heights, Big Table Farm, Brandborg, Bridgeview, Brooks, Chehalem, David Hill Vineyard, Elk Cove, Foris Vineyards, Hyland Estates, Illahe Vineyards, James Rahn, Jasper Sisco, Lemelson, Love & Squalor, Mad Violets, Memaloose Winery, Methven, Meredith Love, Montinore Estate, Ovum Wines, Ponzi Vineyards, Pastoral Cellars, Ransom, Sweet Cheeks Winery, Teutonic Wines, Tartan Cellars, Trisaetum Winery, Viento Wines, Walnut City Wine Works

      Dr. Loosen, Maximin Grunhaus, Robert Weil, Pacific Rim, Villa Wolf

      If Willamette Valley’s cool climate is perfect for Pinot Noir, then it is perfect for delicate ...

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    6. Maria Ponzi appointed president at Ponzi Vineyards

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Aug 25 2014)

      Maria Ponzi appointed president at Ponzi Vineyards

      Ponzi Vineyards recently named Anna Maria Ponzi as president, a newly created position that signals the complete succession for one of the Willamette Valley’s iconic family-owned wineries.

      In 1993, Maria’s sister, Luisa Ponzi, took over the winemaking duties from their pioneering father.

      The winery’s patriarch, Dick, who celebrated his 80th birthday this year, and wife Nancy moved from the Bay Area to create their winery in 1970 — just three years after Oregon’s first bottle of Pinot Noir was released.

      Two years ago, Maria and Luisa became joint owners of the 45,000-case winery, making Ponzi Vineyards ...

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    7. Oregon winery releases owls in organic farming effort

      Explore kgw.com (Aug 25 2014)

      Oregon winery releases owls in organic farming effort

       Willamette Valley winery is using an unusual method of pest control -- owls.

      Sokol Blosser, an organic winery located in Dayton, has a history of using earth-friendly farming efforts to grow grapes and produce wine.

      The latest effort involves three barn owls, which were released onto the farm Thursday evening (video below, tap here for mobile).

      Gophers and voles are a problem on vineyards because they attack vine roots to the point that they need to be replanted, according to spokeswoman Kristin Keilman-Long.

      The barn owls eat those rodents, helping the farm to keep the problem at bay organically.

      "Our goal ...

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    8. Exploring Mosier's raw and undiscovered wine frontier: Wine Notes

      Explore oregonlive.com (Aug 22 2014)

      Exploring Mosier's raw and undiscovered wine frontier: Wine Notes

      Seven miles past bustling, leafy Hood River, the hamlet of Mosier is home to a raw and undiscovered wine scene, where winegrowers use phrases like "test drive" and "blend of convenience" to describe the exploratory approach to viticulture.

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    9. “Good Things Are About To Happen” – Knudsen Revives Their Name in Winemaking

      Explore therealwinejulia.com (Aug 21 2014)

      “Good Things Are About To Happen” – Knudsen Revives Their Name in Winemaking

      Feeling a special connection and tie to their family’s Dundee Hills cabin and historical vineyards below, some of which they helped plant as children, the now adult children of former Oregon wine pioneer, Cal Knudsen, have decided to revive the family’s name in making fine Oregon wine – starting with a soon to be released Knudsen Vineyards Dundee Hills 2012 Pinot Noir, their first proprietary release in 25 years.

      A very small group of wine writer’s and I met Page Knudsen Cowles (one of the four children and only daughter of Cal and Julia Lee Knudsen) at the ...

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    10. Wine Tasting: Carlton Day Trip

      Explore Welcome to Examiner.com (Aug 21 2014)

      Wine Tasting: Carlton Day Trip

      Late summer is the perfect time for Portlanders to visit Oregon winecountry in the Willamette Valley. Many of the wineries are anticipating the forthcoming harvest and it’s a great time to snag some deals on summer time whites and rosés. The little town ofCarlton, Oregon, is actually an ideal town for Portland wine tasters looking for a relaxing day trip to sample the myriad of wines that Oregon has to offer, not just the Willamette Valley. Park your car for the day and everything you need is in walking distance.

      The most scenic route to get ...

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    11. New blood lifts Oregon's wine industry

      Explore Livets Goda (Aug 21 2014)

      New blood lifts Oregon's wine industry

      When the wine began to take root in Oregon during the 1960s and 1970s, the number of producers who planted the vine and took aim at making quality wines of them no more than they could sit around a little bigger kitchen table and discuss with each other. There sat David Adelsheim, David Lett, Dick Erath, Dick and Nancy Ponzi, Pat and Joe Campbell and Susan Sokol Blosser and Bill.

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    12. A Quiet Resistance (Eyrie Vineyards Original Vines Pinot Noir, In Retrospect)

      Explore 1WineDude (Aug 21 2014)

      Generally speaking, when you’re attending a Pinot Noir masterclass-style tasting hosted by one of a wine region’s most historically significant properties, it’s not considered good form to giggle like an eight year-old girl.

      Which, of course, didn’t stop me from doing it.

      The trouble was, I just found the irony so damned funny, it was like being back in my Oblate grade school church, the nuns patrolling the church aisles, my buddies and I joking around and trying hard to suppress laughter that would most certainly get us into major trouble. Which just makes itfunnier ...

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    13. HillCrest Vineyard to pour Oregon wine at Austrian icon’s 900th anniversary

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Aug 20 2014)

      HillCrest Vineyard to pour Oregon wine at Austrian icon’s 900th anniversary

      Umpqua Valley winemaker Dyson DeMara operates Oregon’s oldest estate winery, but his HillCrest Vineyard will be the neophyte next week in Austria when he pours as the only North American invitee to the 900th birthday party for Stift Klosterneuburg Winery.

      “It’s a one-day event, and they are using wineries from around the world to help celebrate,” DeMara told Great Northwest Wine. “We will be the only winery from the U.S. So for the Umpqua Valley, that’s pretty cool.”

      Officially, it’s the 900 Jahre Weingut Stift Klosterneuburg, and the Aug. 30 international trade tasting will be ...

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    14. Quady North: A Snapshot of Southern Oregon Wine

      Explore Jameson Fink (Aug 20 2014)

      Quady North: A Snapshot of Southern Oregon Wine

      Who doesn’t want to get to know a winery that’s involved in a love triangle…with grapes? (Get your mind out of the gutter.) Herb Quady of Quady North has a thing for Viognier, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc. Let’s head to Southern Oregon and explore the Applegate Valley and Rogue Valley. That’s right, I’m talking Oregon wine [...]

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    15. Longplay

      Explore Home Page (Aug 18 2014)


      I recently visited Todd Hansen, proprietor and grower of Longplay Wine, at his quaint Newberg, Oregon tasting room. Todd developed an interest in wine while serving in the American diplomatic corps in France, Chile and South Africa.

      In 2005, Todd bought the 54-acre Lia’s Vineyard (re-named after his daughter Lia) that had formerly been part of Rex Hill’s Jacob-Hart Vineyard. Rex Hill changed ownership and parts of the Jacob-Hart Vineyard in the Chehalem Mountains was sold to Todd and Olenik Vineyards, with Rex Hill retaining ownership of some of the vineyard. Neighboring vineyards include J. Christopher’s Appassionata ...

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    16. Broadley Vineyards Scores Big in 2012

      Explore Home Page (Aug 18 2014)

      Broadley Vineyards Scores Big in 2012

      Broadley Vineyards is a family owned winery established over 30 years in the hills west of the town of Monroe, Oregon, producing distinguished wines since 1986. Technically, Broadley Vineyards is in the Willamette Valley, but lies on Highway 99 halfway between Corvallis and Eugene, outside of the more publicized sub-appellations of the Willamette Valley which are located in the northern Willamette Valley.

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    17. Looking Forward & Looking Back: Gypsy Dancer

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Aug 15 2014)

      Looking Forward & Looking Back: Gypsy Dancer

      Gary Andrus was, from what I've read, a giant of the American wine scene. I never had the chance to meet him. In 1978 he founded Napa Valley's Pine Ridge Vineyards, and then in 1993 he founded one of the biggest names in the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, particularly as the Valley developed it's reputation, in Archery Summit. Gary gained a reputation for focus, concentration and pushing the boundaries to see what was possible. He died of health complications in 2009.

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    18. Anna Maria Ponzi Appointed President of Ponzi Vineyards

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 15 2014)

      Anna Maria Ponzi Appointed President of Ponzi Vineyards

      SHERWOOD, OREGON (August 14, 2014) — Anna Maria Ponzi has been named president of Ponzi Vineyards. Established in 1970 by her parents Dick and Nancy Ponzi. For more than 20 years, Maria has directed the company’s sales and marketing programs. She owns and operates the business with her sister, winemaker Luisa Ponzi.

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    19. Wow-Factor Winery Weddings in Oregon

      Explore Oregon Weddings (Aug 13 2014)

      Wow-Factor Winery Weddings in Oregon

      It’s hard to beat the beauty of a bride on her wedding day, but the gorgeous landscape of Oregon wine country can almost compete. Named for the river that runs through it, the 100-mile-long Willamette Valley is a beautifully fertile region acclaimed for its grape-growing prowess. The majority of Oregon’s more than 800 wineries lie in this area from Portland to Eugene that is internationally recognized for wine production.

      Suffice it to say that the picturesque quality of an Oregon vineyard wedding is almost impossible to surpass. “Oregonians love the chance to appreciate nature,” says Emily Dunay, event ...

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    20. The ancient art of terracotta-fermented wines gets new life in Oregon: Wine Notes

      Explore oregonlive.com (Aug 13 2014)

      The ancient art of terracotta-fermented wines gets new life in Oregon: Wine Notes

      A master ceramicist by day and a winemaker/vineyard manager on the weekends, Andrew Beckham sculpts elegant terracotta amphorae for use in winemaking. His first terracotta-fermented wine, as well as another amphora wine from Chad Stock's Minimus label, are now available.

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    21. Summertime ¡Salud! raises $40k for vineyard worker health care

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Aug 4 2014)

      Summertime ¡Salud! raises $40k for vineyard worker health care

       More than 135 wine lovers packed the annual Summertime ¡Salud! event, raising $40,000 to provide health care for Oregon vineyard workers.

      ¡Salud! is a nonprofit program through Tuality Healthcare that provides health care services to seasonal vineyard workers and their families. The event took place July 24 on the eve of the annual International Pinot Noir Celebration.

      Stoller Family Estate played host to The Big Dinner, and it was presented by The Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg. It featured the cuisine of Sunny Jin, chef for Jory, The Allison’s restaurant.

      “We would love to host the Big Dinner ...

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    22. Terrific Terroir

      Explore Paradigm Communications Group (Aug 4 2014)

      The most fun I have had in a vineyard

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    23. Great Northwest Destinations: Abacela

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Aug 1 2014)

      Great Northwest Destinations: Abacela

       It started as a dream to find a great place to grow New World Tempranillo. It has turned into a dream come true – for Abacela‘s owners and its growing legion of fans.

      In 1994, Earl and Hilda Jones arrived in Southern Oregon’s Umpqua Valley because their research indicated it might be the sweet spot on the West Coast for putting Tempranillo in the ground. Earl, a dermatologist, had become fascinated with the red wines of Spain’s Rioja region in the 1960s and ’70s and harbored hopes of someday finding similar greatness in the United States.

      This began ...

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    24. DANCIN days are here again

      Explore Home - MailTribune.com - Medford, OR (Jul 31 2014)

      It's all about the pinot noir and the chardonnay at DANCIN Vineyard.

      It's also about owner Dan Marca's passion for growing fine grapes and making great wine.

      Dan and Cindy Marca purchased their 10-acre vineyard site off South Stage Road in 2007. To decide what varietals would do best, they consulted with experienced local vineyard manager Randy Gold of Pacific Crest Vineyard Services, with climatologist and geologist Greg Jones of Southern Oregon University, with Southern Oregon wine grape pioneer Porter Lombard, and with Glenn McGourty, Viticulture & Plant Science Advisor with the University of California's Viticulture Program ...

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