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    1. Recent Sips of Oregon Pinot Noir & Chardonnay

      Explore Home Page (Aug 18 2014)

      Recent Sips of Oregon Pinot Noir & Chardonnay

      2012 Beckham Estate Vineyard Dow’s Chehalem Mountains Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

      13.9% alc., 70 cases, $45-$50. September or October 2014 release. Since 1857, more than 20 sons in the Beckham family have carried the name Dow. The wine honors Andrew Beckham’s father, grandfather and son.From the Beckham Estate Vineyard, a dry-farmed site with rocky volcanic soils at 412 to 568 feet elevation. Clones are 777 and Pommard. 100% de-stemmed. Aged 15 months in 40% new French oak. · Moderate reddish purple color in the glass. Aromas of dark cherry, raspberry and earthy flora with a hint ...

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    2. Coastal Diamonds: The Rieslings of Oregon

      Explore Vinography (Aug 14 2014)

      Coastal Diamonds: The Rieslings of Oregon

      About every two years, I get an invite to attend the International Pinot Noir Celebration in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The event continues to be one of the best run and highest quality wine events in the country, with a fantastic combination of excellent wine and equally fantastic food.

      More about Pinot Noir in a day or two.

      In addition to attending one of the best wine parties around, IPNC also gives me (and a number of other wine writers) the excuse to do something slightly less expected: taste a lot of Oregon Riesling. Each year following IPNC, the Oregon ...

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    3. 72 Pinot Noirs on a Sunny Afternoon: Tasting at IPNC 2014

      Explore Vinography (Aug 14 2014)

      I go to a lot of wine tastings, and have come to really appreciate those that are produced well. It may not be immediately apparent how easily a large public tasting can be screwed up, but it doesn't take much to turn such an event from a pleasure to a chore.

      Quite consistently some of my favorite wine tasting experiences have been at the International Pinot Noir Celebration, in McMinnville, Oregon, in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Both afternoons during this event, the "Al Fresco" tasting takes place, in which half of the attending wineries pour a wine ...

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    4. Oregon Chardonnay Takes Center Stage

      Explore enobytes.com (Aug 13 2014)

      Willamette Valley produces some mighty fine Pinot noir. The region also produces some great Chardonnay, and vintners planted plenty of it during the post-prohibition era in the 60s and 70s. Yet, many drinkers are not familiar with their whites. There are some interesting experiments going on right now, which are slowly redefining what Oregon Chardonnay is, and what makes it so special.

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      Explore Snooth (Aug 13 2014)

      I was recently in Oregon, for the annual International Pinot Noir Celebration, which is a splendid reason to visit Oregon’s wine country, though you don’t need such motivation to be wowed by what you’ll find in McMinnville and the surrounding areas. While tons of Pinot were in fact tasted and consumed during that long weekend, today I want to take a few minutes and discuss that other Burgundian grape, you know the one. It elicits visceral responses in most people, either fawning or frightened. They call it Chardonnay.
      As it happens, one of the great and ongoing ...
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    6. The lovely Antikythera Pinot Noir 2011 Antica Terra

      Explore The wine anorak (Aug 13 2014)

      The lovely Antikythera Pinot Noir 2011 Antica Terra

      One of the most exciting wines of my Oregon trip was also one of the last. It was at Antica Terra with the fabulous Maggie Harrison, on a day in wine country nicely captured in pictures with my travelling companion Elaine Brown here.

      When it came to tasting Maggie’s wines, I was a little apprehensive. She was very charming and smart, but she trained with Manfred at Sine Qua Non – wines that are not made in a style that I really enjoy.

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    7. 43-Year-Old Hyland Estates Pinot Noir

      Explore Buy Wine Online (Aug 5 2014)

      43-Year-Old Hyland Estates Pinot Noir
      In 1971, just five years after the first Pinot Noir vines were planted in Willamette Valley, four families — the Kreimeyers, Markleys, Welches and Trenhailes — purchased and broke ground on a breathtaking vineyardperched at 600-800 feet in the foothills of Oregon's Coastal Range.

      The original partners didn't know it at the time, but summer days at Hyland Vineyard are cooler than the rest of the valley. More importantly, each evening the wind picks up, ushering in a cool maritime breeze off the Pacific, taking the sting out of the often-blistering summer sun. Over the last 40 years, this ...
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    8. Oregon, Hail!

      Explore Welcome (Aug 4 2014)

      Oregon, Hail!

      The advantages of Oregon’s Willamette Valley in producing superb pinot noir grapes are easy to comprehend: temperatures are moderate during the growing season, the weather is dry and there are about 90 minutes more sun each day than in Northern California. Add in rocky hillside soils, low yields, an artisanal winemaking tradition and family ownership, and it’s a formula for success with a notoriously difficult grape.

      Soter Vineyards “North Valley,” Willamette Valley, 2012 
      Quite floral, with notes of cherry blossom and cinnamon, this wine from longtime pinot guru Tony Soter shows the concentration of an atypically ripe 2012 ...

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    9. Weiss Entices

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)

      Weiss Entices

      The Rhine River and its tributaries may be the ancestral home to white Riesling, but the noble varietal has found a welcome place in wine regions around the world. Oregon is one of those places where, in the right areas and under the right conditions, growers have become convinced Germany's premier grape can consistently attain excellence if not greatness.

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    10. 5 Dreamy Rieslings Primed to Invade Your Summer Sipping

      Explore Portland Monthly Magazine (Jul 10 2014)

      5 Dreamy Rieslings Primed to Invade Your Summer Sipping

      Welcome back to Take Five, a fresh Eat Beat feature that offers up five must-try culinary finds from food and drink experts around town. Next up, Oregon's darling summer white...

      The Summer of Riesling may officially last for just one season, but here in Portland, Sommeliers and wine directors celebrate the noble varietal every day of the year.

      Over the past few years, Oregon has stepped into the international spotlight for its Rieslings—rather than trying to rival Germany, our home state is bringing its own interpretation of this terroir-transparent grape to the world.

      Want to get in on ...

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    11. Oregon Pinot Noir: Complements from a Chef

      Explore Touring and Tasting (Jun 30 2014)

      Oregon Pinot Noir: Complements from a Chef

      It is impossible to think of Oregon wine without thinking of Oregon Pinot Noir. The state’s incredibly diverse growing regions— from the warmer climates and plentiful soil types found in the southern part of the state, to the cooler climates and unique soils found to the north—have it all. Although the tremendous variety of soils and climates allows Oregon vintners to produce many varietals, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Riesling, it is the Pinot Noir grape with its abundant nuances in flavor and aromas that truly showcases our state’s diverse terroir.

      As an Oregon chef who specializes in ...

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    12. Purposefully Pink, Southern Oregon Rosé: Made With Intention

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Jun 30 2014)

      Purposefully Pink, Southern Oregon Rosé: Made With Intention
      From Corey McTaggart
      Summertime is off with a bang in Southern Oregon’s hot, sunny Applegate, Rogue, and Umpquavalleys. Barbecues, graduations, weddings and family outings are on the docket.  What will you find on the table during the summer season? Well if you're playing your cards right, chilled – and local – rosé.

      South Stage Cellars Semi Sparkling Rosé  (Petit Sirah, Cabernet Franc)

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    13. Pink, White Done Right

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jun 27 2014)

      Pink, White Done Right

      Panel ponders selection of rosés and white blends

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    14. Summer sippers at a super value

      Explore Courier (Jun 27 2014)

      Summer sippers at a super value

      One of the nice things about the arrival of summer, if you’re an Oregon wine lover, is that there are so many great options for really good summer sippers.

      The state’s claim to fame may be pinot noir, but the diverse climates, from the maritime-influenced warm days and cool nights of the Mid-Willamette Valley, to the warmer drier climate of the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, mean that a variety of white wine grapes can be grown. There’s no lack of great pinot gris, viognier, riesling and even white pinot noir when it comes to wines appropriate ...

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    15. Frozen in Carbon: From Han Solo to Beaujolais to the Willamette Valley

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Jun 23 2014)

      Back in the days of the Galactic Empire, when the Imperial Fleet was wreaking havoc all across the galaxy the Rebel Alliance made it clear that they were more than just a band of rag-tag fighters by striking them where it hurt and destroying the Death Star. As if often the case, the Empire knew that they had to send a message and the plan was, capture Luke Skywalker, freeze him in carbonite and take him straight to the Emperor. Period, end of sentence for our heroes, or at least that was the plan. Onlycarbonite freezing was not a ...

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    16. Hands off the wine! The art of leaving it alone at Youngberg Hill

      Explore Sips With Friends (Jun 16 2014)

      Hands off the wine! The art of leaving it alone at Youngberg Hill

      In late April, we had the very great pleasure of an afternoon tasting wines and talking winemaking, vineyard management, parenting, and careers with Wayne Bailey of Youngberg Hill Wines.

      Wayne Bailey started life on the family farm, raising corn in rural Iowa. There, he learned the value of cooperation, a value he brought with him to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. On his way, he spent two years  in Burgundy learning how to grow grapes and make wine like the French. What he learned there has served Youngberg Hill Wines well.

      With an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA ...

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    17. An Unexpected Conversation with David Adelsheim

      Explore :: DallasWineChick.com :: (Jun 11 2014)

      An Unexpected Conversation with David Adelsheim

      Sometimes the stars align … last week appeared to be the perfect storm of a very tough and demanding work week.  We had a series of key all-day meetings for most of the week, which was grueling.  At the end of the week I found myself at the Fairmont Hotel with my executive team where we were having a very well deserved drink.

      I ordered an Adelsheim Pinot Gris, usually one of my favorite “go to” whites on the Fairmont’s by the glass list. Our waitress stopped and said, you know that David Adelsheim, the founder, is sitting right over ...

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    18. The elegance of Oregon Pinot Noir

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Jun 4 2014)

      The elegance of Oregon Pinot Noir

      Oregon’s Willamette Valley is on the edge of viticultural viability – and that’s where Pinot Noir seems to be most comfortable.

      Every vintage, intrepid grape growers and winemakers do everything in their power to bring Oregon Pinot Noir to its optimal ripeness before autumn rains come along. In the case of the crazy 2013 vintage, they were working in between massive rainstorms.

      How do they do it? Low yields, impossibly complex use of various clones of Pinot Noir, different rootstocks, experimenting with elevations and different hillsides and, of course, soil types. Once those grapes are in the winery, the ...

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    19. Quite White

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (May 30 2014)

      Quite White

      Can you name the Rhône Valley's most well-known red wine? Châteauneuf-du-Pape, or "New Chateau of the Pope," is familiar to many. But what about the Rhone's most widely known white?

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    20. Perfect Pearing

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (May 30 2014)

      Perfect Pearing

      Harry & David wines complement company classics Harry & David has been an American tradition for almost 80 years. From hand-picked fresh fruit to hand-packed gift baskets and homemade treats, the company has grown to be one of the country’s lead gourmet gifting experts. Samuel Rosenberg, father of Harry and David, was a successful hotel owner in Seattle, but his true love was agriculture. ...

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    21. Resonance Vineyard's last pinot noir sold to Oregon winemaker (Sineann

      Explore oregonlive.com (May 16 2014)

      Resonance Vineyard's last pinot noir sold to Oregon winemaker (Sineann

      I had the opportunity to ask Joe Dobbes, a top winemaker in Dundee, what that meant to the Oregon wine industry . His response: "It's a great affirmation that Oregon is hot. We're growing great pinot noir grapes,'' Dobbes said. "Louis Jadot is a common ...

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    22. Elizabeth Chambers Cellar: Making stylishly delicate Pinot Noirs

      Explore Welcome to Examiner.com (May 16 2014)

      Elizabeth Chambers Cellar: Making stylishly delicate Pinot Noirs

      Soaring above most Pinot Noir like the blue butterfly on Elizabeth Chambers Cellar’s label, one will fine a truly elegant wine from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The winery specializing in Pinot Noir from McMinnville Oregon was founded in 2013.

      Elizabeth Chambers, known as Liz, is no newcomer to the wine industry; her family has been in the business since 1991. The winery’s tasting room is located in the historic power station building in McMinnville.

      The blue butterfly on the label that symbolizes the delicate balance of the winery’s Pinot Noir is attributed to Liz’s mother Carolyn ...

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    23. 5 Willamette Valley wines to try

      Explore washingtonpost.com (May 16 2014)

      Availability information is based on distributor records. Wines might not be in stock at every listed store and might be available at additional stores. Check Winesearcher.com to verify availability, or ask a favorite wine store to order through a distributor.

      Here are just a few of my favorite wines from the recent Pinot in the City tasting sponsored by the Willamette Valley Wineries Association. Ask your retailer or sommelier for suggestions about other Oregon wines from the 2011 and 2012 vintages.

      Wineries I recommend from the tasting include Adelsheim,  Antica Terra, Bergstrom, Coeur de Terre, Chehalem, Dukes, Dusky Goose ...

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    24. Looking for a wine to go with oysters? Keep it clean, crisp and cold

      Explore latimes.com (Apr 21 2014)

      Looking for a wine to go with oysters? Keep it clean, crisp and cold

      When it comes to a bottle of wine, an oyster’s demands are fairly simple. It should be cold, crisp and clean. Anything more is likely to create a clash of some kind. That’s just the way it goes with briny shellfish.

      That point was made yet again at the 20th annual Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition, sponsored by Washington state oyster grower Taylor Shellfish. Judging panels from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle spent afternoons sipping wines and slurping oysters and puzzling out which combinations worked best. The Los Angeles conclave was held at Water Grill downtown ...

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