1. Willamette Valley’s Brooks Rieslings: A Tasting

    Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews (Nov 19 2013)

    1. Willamette Valley’s Brooks Rieslings: A Tasting

      A couple of weeks ago Janie Brooks Heuck and Revel Wine hosted aBrooks Riesling tasting at 18 Reasons in San Francisco. The event brought together a small group of writers and wine industry folks to taste through four flights including two dry Riesling verticals, one 2012 horizontal showing soil variation, and one off-dry to sweet style flight.

      The grape has been planted through the Willamette Valley since the early stages of their industry, however, initial styles were largely unsuccessful. Most early examples are today jokingly compared to Sprite. The future of Riesling in Willamette Valley became uncertain, then, when ...

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