1. Vintage Oregon Uncovered

    OWB Blog (Mar 18 2013)

    1. Imagine, if you will, that you’re preparing to go for a hike on one of Oregon’s many trails. Add a warm jacket, a comfy pair of pants or shorts, and a pair of boots, a map and a few tools. You’re now a hiker, ready to explore the path ahead, excited about what’s around every turn of road in front of you.

      Come with us for a few moments, and let our team share with you the story behind Vintage Oregon, the big kick off event for Oregon Wine Month happening Sunday, April 28th from 3 to 6 PM.

      You, as our Oregon Wine Explorer, are going on a journey of exploration with us this year. Our format for this event is one of excitement, learning, tasting wines while enjoying food from around the state. This is different. This is unique. Here’s how you, the hiker, are going to enjoy the best wine event Portland will host in 2013:

                                                  Your Path.

      Vintage Oregon will be taking place at the Leftbank Annex, a unique event space situated in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Located on all the major transportation lines and right next to the Rose Quarter, the multi-level floor plan allowed our creative team a chance to envision an interactive floor plan like none other (think Candyland meets the Oregon Trail).

      With the goal of encouraging guests to taste, learn and experience the very best of the Northwest, we got to work and created what you see to the right - a winding path that you, our Oregon Wine Explorer, will travel through from top to bottom. Our exploration team will be your guide as you make your way through a trail of 75 Oregon wineries and 25 amazing restaurants.


      Eat and Drink. 

      Speaking of, no excursion is complete without a little food and beverage along the way. In fact, we have a lot for our explorers - 75 wineries from all over Oregon will be at Vintage Oregon to pour their wines for 3 hours. Southern Oregon to the North Willamette Valley, Columbia Gorge to the lower Willamette Valley basin, these winemakers are traveling hundreds of miles to see you and yes - you can taste and sip as much as you like. Your ticket allows you full access to all of them!

      Come hungry, hiker. The Oregon Beef Council and The Oregon Trawl Commission have teamed up to bring you 25 hand-picked restaurants known for their wine lists, wine pairings and excellence in cuisine. The food is included as well with your ticket price - it’s an incredible deal. Be sure to check back later, as we will be posting mouth-watering menu teasers as we get closer to the event.


      You’ve made it this far, Explorer, and the fun isn’t over yet. In fact, any true trek includes a fair amount of discovery and we have something really unique prepared for you.

      Each major wine region will be represented at Vintage Oregon in what we are calling ‘pods’. Each pod of tables will have our friends from a different region featuring interactive games, hotel and transportation partners plus, thanks to our friends at Travel Oregon, local representatives from those areas. Chat with our friends and make them yours - they’re here to help with your next exploration trip to their special part of Oregon.

      And let’s not forget the games! We told you this trip is going to be fun. Each pod will have an interactive table. It might be a blind wine tasting. It might be a guessing game. You won’t know until you arrive, but we promise it’ll be a great time. 

      Tools For Trip.

      Our team wouldn't be good guides unless we provided you with tools for your next trip. Which is why our last element is one of our favorites. Travel along the Vintage Oregon path, Explorer, and be sure to head downstairs for a very special treat. That is where you will find a wall of backpacks - 75 of them representing all of our wineries at the event - filled with goodies. The Oregon Wine Board will be raffling a backpack to 75 lucky winners, including a wine bottle and special treats from our regional partners.

      Oregon Wine Explorer, it is now your time. The link is below, so buy your ticket to Vintage Oregon today. We look forward to exploring with you. 

      Get your tickets today! 


      Vintage Oregon
      April 28, 2013
      3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
      The Leftbank Annex
      101 N Weidler St.
      Portland, OR 97227

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