1. How Does Oregon Pinot Noir Age?

    Wine Spectator Home (Nov 14 2012)

    1. How Does Oregon Pinot Noir Age?

      Harry Peterson-Nedry pops the cork on a Chehalem Pinot Noir Rion Reserve 1994, a single-vineyard wine from his Ridgecrest Vineyard in what is now the Chehalem Mountains appellation. The wine shows ripeness, richness, a bittersweet chocolate note playing against raspberry and cherry, and a hint of rare beef on the finish. The wine is beautifully knit and alive.

      Clearly, Oregon Pinot Noir can age. In the case of the '94 Chehalem, the wine had a little help from Patrice Rion, of the Burgundy domaine, who knows a few things about how Burgundian Pinot Noirs can age. "Patrice suggested separating Pommard ...

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