1. Annual Oregon Pinot noir sales (cases)

  2. Warm weather leads to vintage Oregon wine harvest

  3. Holiday weekend brings visitors to wine country

  4. 'Plug and Pinot' offers gas-free wine country tour

  5. Oregon winemakers debut new iPad app

  6. SOWI Director featured in national publication

  7. Oregon Pinot Gris

  8. The Oregon Wine Board

       The Oregon Wine Board is a semi-independent Oregon state agency managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance the Oregon wine and wine grape industry. The Board works on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state’s diverse winegrowing regions. The Oregon wine grape and wine industry contributes more than $2.7 billion in economic activity to the state economy each year, including more than 13,518 wine-related jobs and $382 million in wages.

  1. Events

    1. Master sommelier Rajat Parr to lead 2015 Oregon Chardonnay Symposium

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (16 hours, 1 minute ago)

      Master sommelier Rajat Parr to lead 2015 Oregon Chardonnay Symposium

      Master sommelier Rajat Parr will serve as moderator of the fourth annual Oregon Chardonnay Symposium on March 14 at Stoller Family Estate in the Dundee Hills.

      Parr, a James Beard Award-winning author, agreed to direct the technical tasting panel and will be joined by Thomas Bachelder of Bachelder Wines, Mimi Casteel of Bethel Heights Vineyard, Jason Lett of The Eyrie Vineyards, John Paul of Cameron Winery and Craig Williams of X-Novo Vineyard.

      A grand tasting of more than 40 examples of Oregon Chardonnay, poured by winemakers, will follow the technical tasting.

      Chardonnay panel to address role of clones

      Master sommelier Rajat Parr moderates an international panel of Syrah producers during the 2014 Celebrate Walla Walla Wine festival.

      Master sommelier ...

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    2. Sip it to believe it

      Explore Pamplin Media Group (16 hours, 2 min ago)

      Sip it to believe it

      Drink wine, you will.

      The date for the "Attack of the Clones" Oregon wine event has been set for March 14 at the Stoller Family Estate in Dayton.

      The event will include two parts: a technical discussion and "grand tasting," featuring 40 of the state's top chardonnay producers.

      It'll be hosted by the Oregon Chardonnay Symposium, which helps to boost domestic and international recognition of the state's chardonnay production and history.

      The discussion will be moderated by acclaimed author and sommelier Rajat Parr, a name synonymous with several wine ventures that include Sandhi, Maison L’Orée ...

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    3. Oregon Pinot Gris is getting it’s Gris On, Redux

      Explore Wine Blog (Sep 13 2014)

      Oregon Pinot Gris is getting it’s Gris On, Redux

      Oregon Pinot Gris is once more Getting it’s Gris on, with a statewide tasting to celebrate this varietal wine. Oregon, Get Your Gris On!™ is wine and food nibble tasting event is consumers and is happening at wineries that want to join the fun, on Saturday and Sunday, September 27 and 28, 2014. The second […]

      The post Oregon Pinot Gris is getting it’s Gris On, Redux appeared first on Wine Blog.

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    4. 'Clink! A Taste Of Oregon Wine' Exhibit Closes September 20

      Explore Oregon News Headlines Page 1 (Sep 11 2014)

      'Clink! A Taste Of Oregon Wine' Exhibit Closes September 20

      There are less than two weeks left to visit the Oregon Historical Society's popular summer exhibition, "Clink! A Taste of Oregon Wine," closing Saturday, September 20.

      To celebrate the end of this beautiful Portland summer and the final full weekend of the exhibit, the Oregon Historical Society will host Arborbrook, Brooks, Cooper Mountain, Elk Cove, Maysara, and Ponzi wineries for an afternoon wine tasting event on Sunday, September 14 from 1 - 4 p.m. Also, at 2 p.m., industry pioneer Susan Sokol Blosser will sit down for a Q&A with OHS Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk, discussing the ...

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    5. A Variety of Tasting Panels at Feast Portland to Tempt You

      Explore Sip With Me! (Sep 9 2014)

      A Variety of Tasting Panels at Feast Portland to Tempt You

      Feast Portland. The name about says it all. For a weekend full of OTT culinary madness, it's the event guaranteed to deliver. It's also less than two weeks away and if you haven't purchased tickets yet, many of the hot events have long sold out.

      But you're in luck because tickets are still attainable for some of the more affordableTasting Panels. Think Chardonnay, Negronis, Sour Beer, Beans and Booze (and by beans, they mean coffee beans), Lagers and Tiki Cocktails. And if you're anything like me, than tasting experiences are right up your dark ...

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  2. OWB Blog

  3. Vintage Oregon Blog

  4. Oregon Wine News

    1. Warm weather leads to vintage Oregon wine harvest

      Explore KOIN.com (Sep 10 2014)

      he warm weather this summer has many of the Oregon vineyards ripe and and ready for harvest.

      Wine growers throughout Oregon and Washington are preparing for the harvest, and some vineyards already began picking the grapes.

      At the Stoller Family Estate in Dayton, there are nearly 400,000 vines and 190 acres with grapes for pinot noir and chardonnay. Their harvest should go through October, and they said it looks to be one of the best vintages in the last few years.

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    2. Oregon wine grape harvest early this year

      Explore nwcn.com (Sep 9 2014)

      This is shaping up to be a historic year for Oregon wines. Not only is a large 2014 yield expected, but the harvest is extremely early.

      R.J. Lint owns and operates the Plum Hill Vineyards in Gaston, which is overflowing with grapes. The pinot noir already looks ready to pick, which is remarkable when you consider how early it is.

      "Consider that in 2011 we picked on November 3rd and this year we will start picking next week," Lint said Sunday.

      The fruit is healthy and heavy across nearly every vineyard in the Willamette Valley. Wine connoisseurs are excited ...

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    3. Conditions ripe as Oregon wine growers ramp up grape harvest

      Explore oregonlive.com (Sep 7 2014)

      Conditions ripe as Oregon wine growers ramp up grape harvest

      Oregon's Dundee Hills suffered from late rains last year that impacted the quality of wine in one of Oregon's most productive regions.

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    4. Nationally Ranked

      Explore Polk County Itemizer (Sep 3 2014)

      Nationally Ranked

      Michelle Kaufmann, assistant communications manager for the Oregon Wine Board , isn't surprised at the county's No. 32 ranking nationwide. ... It contributes to the $2.7 billion total from Oregon's wine industry and ranks No. 10 in the state for ...

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  5. Oregon Wine Bloggers

    1. Three Things You Didn't Know About Oregon Wine Country

      Explore Wine - Answers.com (Aug 26 2014)

      Three Things You Didn't Know About Oregon Wine Country

      The state of Oregon, in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, is home to seventeen designated wine growing areas, which house over 200 wine tasting rooms and about 550 wineries, many of which are small, family-owned operations producing fewer than 5,000 cases of wine per year. All told, wine-related tourism in Oregon is big business, contributing an estimated $158 million in revenue to the state's economy. While many wine lovers known Oregon for world-class Pinot Noir (first planted in the area in the 1960s), as well as excellentChardonnay and Riesling, there are interesting facts about Oregon's wine ...

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    2. Original Oregon: Umpqua Valley's HillCrest Vineyards

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Aug 7 2014)

      Original Oregon: Umpqua Valley's HillCrest Vineyards

      The Oregon wine industry and the Willamette Valley have come to be synonymous with American Pinot Noir. It didn't all start there though. To find the birthplace of the modern Oregon wine industry you'll need to travel south on I-5 from what has come to be known as Oregon Pinot country until you get to the town of Roseburg.

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    3. All-Stars and Rookies: The Wines with Character Trading Cards of the Chehalem Mountains AVA

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (May 19 2014)

      All-Stars and Rookies: The Wines with Character Trading Cards of the Chehalem Mountains AVA

      When I was a kid I collected baseball cards because the generation before me had nostalgia and money and they would and could spend ridiculous amounts of money on the baseball cards they had as kids but either lost, forgot or neglected. So, frankly my generation was set up believing that this was some kind of an "investment" along with comic books. Sucker bet.

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    4. Photo gallery: Willamette Valley bud break

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Apr 30 2014)

      Photo gallery: Willamette Valley bud break

      The first sign of the 2014 vintage began showing about two weeks ago when tiny leaves started to emerge from Pinot Noir vines in the northern Willamette Valley.

      Winemakers and grape growers in the Dundee Hills and Yamhill-Carlton American Viticultural Areas said bud break this year was right on time – or even a bit early. They are delighted by the good start to the 2014 vintage, and warm days this week are helping to get the vines started on a solid path early in the growing season.

      Following are a few photos from the northern Willamette Valley on Monday and ...

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    5. Cranberries and Dirt: Guide to Oregon Pinot Noir

      Explore Wine Folly (Jan 6 2014)

      If you’re wondering what Oregon wine is really like and want to understand the region a little better, this guide will help you understand the grape varieties, the sub-regions and the taste that makes Oregon wine so unique. In particular, we’ll be talking mostly about Oregon’s largest region: The Willamette Valley which is known for Oregon Pinot Noir.

      Q: What Does Oregon Do Best?

      A: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay


      First Oregon Pinot: David and Diana Lett plant Pinot Noir in Dundee Hills in 1965
      True grit. Newly minted Oregonians David and Diana Lett
      plant Pinot Noir (1965). Courtesy Linfield College

      Interestingly enough, I grew up in the Willamette Valley and ...

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  6. Oregon Bounty

    1. The International Pinot Noir Celebration

      Explore National Post (Sep 9 2014)

      There’s a place where all devout pinot-philes go. No – it’s not heaven (the golden slopes of Burgundy) or hell (where MegaPurple flows from the faucets).

      It’s the International Pinot Noir Celebration, colloquially IPNC, and widely recognized as the one annual pinot noir event to notmiss. Affectionately and affirmably a Celebration (rather than a conference, forum, festival or event), the festive July event brings consumers, winemakers, sommeliers and pinot fans from around the globe to the campus of Linfield College in McMinneville, Oregon, for weekend of sharing and learning.

      The historic school, an easy one hour drive ...

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    2. Yamhill-Carlton a special place for Oregon Pinot Noir

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Sep 8 2014)

      Yamhill-Carlton a special place for Oregon Pinot Noir

      Among the six small sub-appellations of the northern Willamette Valley, one of the most fascinating is Yamhill-Carlton.

      Based west of the Dundee Hills, Ribbon Ridge and Chehalem Mountains American Viticultural Areas, Yamhill-Carlton is horseshoe-shaped appellation that essentially surrounds the towns of Carlton and Yamhill. This is because the AVA is based on elevation – to be in the appellation, a vineyard must be planted between 200 and 1,000 feet above sea level. This makes it the most unusually shaped AVA in Oregon.

      Some of Oregon’s finest wine producers are in Yamhill-Carlton, including Ken Wright Cellars, Elk Cove Vineyards, Belle ...

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      Explore Snooth (Sep 2 2014)


      The terrain of Oregon's Willamette Valley is made up of bountiful complex micro-climates that play a major role in the dynamism and charisma of the region's variegated Pinot Noirs.  These micro-climates offer diverse geology and soils, so the multiple sub AVAs (American Viticulture Areas) of the larger Willamette Valley AVA have been inherent in identifying and outlining the unique characteristics of different wine growing areas.

      Quite difficult to imagine, most of western Oregon was once the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Over millions of years, extremely tumultuous weather and disastrous geological events, like cataclysmic floods, earthquakes, extreme winds ...

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    4. Getting in Touch with Oregon Wine Country

      Explore The Daily Meal (Sep 2 2014)

      Getting in Touch with Oregon Wine Country

      At first glance, The Allison Inn and Spa is a luxury resort smack dab in the middle of Oregon’s wine country,but it has way more than that.The Allison goes the extra mile to showcase the Willamette Valley’s wine offerings. From partnerships with local vintners to an extensive wine list, wine culture thrives at this Newberg, Oregon destination. From creating unique partnerships with local vintners to one impressive wine list, wine culture thrives at The Allison.

      “Our relationship with the vintners has become much stronger over time,” says managing director of The Allison, Pierre Zreik. “In addition ...

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  7. People and Places

    1. A to Z Wineworks picked for strong small business workplace, leadership

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Sep 15 2014)

      A to Z Wineworks picked for strong small business workplace, leadership

      Newberg, OR – September 15 – A to Z Wineworks is excited to announce that it has been selected as #4 small businesses in The Oregonian Top Workplaces for 2014 and Best in Category for Leadership.

      Started in 2002 by two Oregon wine industry couples, the Hatchers and the Francis Tannahills, A to Z Wineworks has grown to become one of Oregon’s leading wine producers.

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    2. Diversity in the Face of Singularity; Single Acre Wines from Stoller Family Estate

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Sep 12 2014)

      Diversity in the Face of Singularity; Single Acre Wines from Stoller Family Estate

      The Willamette Valley has proven it's mettle as a region that produces world class Pinot Noir, and many say that before too long it's Chardonnay will be similarly lauded. The valley's climate and soil types do indeed bear a resemblance to those elements found in the hallowed grounds of Burgundy. Oregon however has made a style all it's own. The singularity of Pinot Noir's success has been a boon to Oregon's wine industry in the Willamette creating an international reputation.

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    3. Partners plan several wine-related businesses in downtown Roseburg

      Explore Capital Press agriculture news (Sep 12 2014)

      Dyson DeMara and Scott Kelley are putting their extensive wine experiences to use in a unique business concept in the downtown area of this southern Oregon town.

      The friends and business partners have established the Paul O’Brien Winery in a former Chevrolet car dealership building and are working to establish a marketplace of wine-related businesses around the wine production facility.

      “The catalyst is the wine,” DeMara said. “Everybody has said this type of concept is not possible, but it’s been done in Paso Robles and in Lodi in California. Why not us? Why not here? We’ve got ...

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    4. Farming Comes First at Durant Vineyards

      Explore Tasting Pour (Sep 10 2014)

      Farming Comes First at Durant Vineyards
      "We are a grape growing family, not a wine making family," explains Paul Durant of Durant Vineyards at Red Ridge.  In 1973, Paul Durant's parents were among the first to plant vineyards in Willamette Valley.  Starting with two acres planted to vine, today sixty acres of Durant farmed Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot gris supply key wineries with their much sought after Dundee Hills' fruit.
      In 2003 the Durants decided to make wine under their own label.  With 30 years of grape growing experience under their belts they knew they should stick to their knitting, but they also knew ...
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