1. Annual Oregon Pinot noir sales (cases)

  2. Holiday weekend brings visitors to wine country

  3. 'Plug and Pinot' offers gas-free wine country tour

  4. Oregon winemakers debut new iPad app

  5. SOWI Director featured in national publication

  6. Oregon's wine industry continues to ripen

  7. Oregon Pinot Gris

  8. The Oregon Wine Board

       The Oregon Wine Board is a semi-independent Oregon state agency managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance the Oregon wine and wine grape industry. The Board works on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state’s diverse winegrowing regions. The Oregon wine grape and wine industry contributes more than $2.7 billion in economic activity to the state economy each year, including more than 13,518 wine-related jobs and $382 million in wages.

  1. Events

    1. Visit Origin 14: Chehalem Mtns. Winegrowers

      Explore Essential Northwest Wines (Jul 28 2014)

      Visit Origin 14: Chehalem Mtns. Winegrowers

      Learn About the Chehalem Mountains & Ribbon Ridge AVAs

      Some of the Willamette Valley’s earliest vineyards were planted on the rolling hills of the Chehalem Mountains just southwest of Portland. This is the first AVA that visitors encounter when the head out of the metropolis and head toward wine country. Every year the Chehalem Mountains Winegrowers Association gathers to show their wines, and this year the event—called Origin 14—will be held on the grounds of ArborBrook Winery on August 9 from 4:30 to 8:00 pm.

      You’ll learn how the varying soil types, elevations, and exposures ...

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    2. Wine country marathon a labor of love

      Explore Portland Tribune & Community Newspapers (Jul 10 2014)

      Wine country marathon a labor of love

      On a whim, Chris Nagy decided to combine her two loves: wine and running. Five years later, the Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon is one of the best in the nation, rated 13th best half-marathon by Runners World and listed as a “must do” by Competitor Magazine.

      “It’s just a funny little race in Dundee,” Nagy said. But with 13.1 miles through the Dundee hills, it’s not an easy race. “It is a difficult course. 

      But it’s meant to be more than just a race. With participants from as far as Germany and China, the ...

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    3. Maude Kerns Art Center brings together artists for 31st aunnual Art and the Vineyard

      Explore Emerald Media (Jul 3 2014)

      The Maude Kerns Art Center’s 31st annual Art and the Vineyard Festival kicks off this July 4-6 at Alton Baker Park in Eugene. This year’s festival is bringing together over 100 artists who will be displaying everything from ceramics to jewelry from across the U.S.

      Sabrina Hershey-Black, the associate director of the festival, said that Art and the Vineyard is the primary fundraising event for the 64 year-old Maude Kerns Art Center.

      “Maude Kerns Art Center had this crazy idea to bring the art out to a vineyard and do an art exhibit out there,” Hershey-Black said ...

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    4. A Full Lineup of Summer Events in Wine Country

      Explore Portland Monthly Magazine (Jul 2 2014)

      A Full Lineup of Summer Events in Wine Country

      With summer solstice officially behind us and warm sunny Oregon days ahead, the Willamette Valley's wine country is gearing up for another action-packed summer.

      Special events in Portland's neighboring wine region range from summertime wine tours to harvest dinners, half marathons to true dog-days of summer. Those looking for a little more relaxation can casually sip some of the region’s best wines, including one of the many celebrated pinot noirs that the valley is known for.

      Here’s a quick peek at what Summer in the Valley is all about:

      • Pink Rosé Festival ($50), July 12 from ...

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    5. Summer is bursting with wine activities

      Explore Statesman Journal (Jun 30 2014)

      Summer is bursting with wine activities

      With our long warm, sunny days, summertime in the Willamette Valley is the perfect time to visit wineries and vineyards.

      Whenever our out-of-state friends consider visiting Oregon, we always plead with them to plan a summer trip instead of winter, spring or fall, when the weather can be iffy. And most of our friends live in states where there's stiffling heat and humidity so Oregon is a nice break for them in the summer. A summer visit also means that they get to see our vineyards at the verdant best.

      This summer, visitors can compare wines made from various ...

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  2. OWB Blog

  3. Vintage Oregon Blog

  4. Oregon Wine News

    1. Gaining Green Ground

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)

      Gaining Green Ground

      In an effort to achieve the most sustainable vineyard possible, growers often find themselves in a balancing act of reducing inputs — herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, tractor passes — in the hope of a healthier vineyard ecosystem. But at times, eliminating one input sometimes leads to increasing another. This tension is what complicates sustainability, making spinning plates while riding on a unicycle look easy.

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    2. Oregon Pinot Camp

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)

      Oregon Pinot Camp

      It’s Sunday night and Lumpy’s, a dive bar in Dundee, is packed to the gills. Two master sommeliers are playing pool, the wine director from the newest James Beard award-winning restaurant is scrolling though the karaoke songbook, and two wine buyers from competing grocery stores are talking World Cup over local ales.

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    3. MBA students soak up business at Brooks Winery

      Explore Statesman Journal (Jul 14 2014)

      For one week, the financial wing of Brooks Winery worked in a farmhouse, in a modest dining room overlooking a 20-acre vineyeard.

      The team consisted of four graduate students in their late 20s pursuing business degrees at either UC Berkeley or the University of Michigan. Ambitious and hard working, they each were seeing Oregon for their first time.

      Clustered in the rolling hills outside Amity, entrepreneur Janie Brooks could relate. A decade ago, she began work at the business in a similar fashion, parachuting in from a life and family in California, with no experience running a winery. Like the ...

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    4. Pear grower adds wine grapes

      Explore Capital Press agriculture news (Jun 24 2014)

      The name Naumes has been synonymous with pears for 68 years and likely will be for years to come.

      Naumes Inc. is the largest pear packer in Medford. But on steep, picturesque hillsides around the Naumes family home, just southwest of town, pear orchards are giving way to vineyards.

      Laura Naumes caught the wine bug a few years ago and convinced her husband, Mike, that growing wine grapes would be profitable, a good diversification and fun.

      Their first planting was of Pinot Noir on 15.5 acres of hillside below the long, paved and gated driveway that winds up around ...

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  5. Oregon Wine Bloggers

    1. All-Stars and Rookies: The Wines with Character Trading Cards of the Chehalem Mountains AVA

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (May 19 2014)

      All-Stars and Rookies: The Wines with Character Trading Cards of the Chehalem Mountains AVA

      When I was a kid I collected baseball cards because the generation before me had nostalgia and money and they would and could spend ridiculous amounts of money on the baseball cards they had as kids but either lost, forgot or neglected. So, frankly my generation was set up believing that this was some kind of an "investment" along with comic books. Sucker bet.

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    2. Photo gallery: Willamette Valley bud break

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Apr 30 2014)

      Photo gallery: Willamette Valley bud break

      The first sign of the 2014 vintage began showing about two weeks ago when tiny leaves started to emerge from Pinot Noir vines in the northern Willamette Valley.

      Winemakers and grape growers in the Dundee Hills and Yamhill-Carlton American Viticultural Areas said bud break this year was right on time – or even a bit early. They are delighted by the good start to the 2014 vintage, and warm days this week are helping to get the vines started on a solid path early in the growing season.

      Following are a few photos from the northern Willamette Valley on Monday and ...

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    3. Cranberries and Dirt: Guide to Oregon Pinot Noir

      Explore Wine Folly (Jan 6 2014)

      If you’re wondering what Oregon wine is really like and want to understand the region a little better, this guide will help you understand the grape varieties, the sub-regions and the taste that makes Oregon wine so unique. In particular, we’ll be talking mostly about Oregon’s largest region: The Willamette Valley which is known for Oregon Pinot Noir.

      Q: What Does Oregon Do Best?

      A: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay


      First Oregon Pinot: David and Diana Lett plant Pinot Noir in Dundee Hills in 1965
      True grit. Newly minted Oregonians David and Diana Lett
      plant Pinot Noir (1965). Courtesy Linfield College

      Interestingly enough, I grew up in the Willamette Valley and ...

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    4. Friday Find, December 6th: Tertulia Cellars

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Dec 6 2013)

      Friday Find, December 6th: Tertulia Cellars

      Each Friday we highlight a wine from the Northwest that we think is a real "find. " By find we might mean that it's a steal, as all of these wines we'll feature weekly are at or under $20. We might also mean "Hey, you really need to go find this" and it might be a wine that we feel not enough people know about. In any case, with the weekend pending we're hoping to help you "find" a wine to kickoff the weekend right.

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    5. Assorted Southern Oregon Wines & Black Bear Diner

      Explore The Passionate Foodie (Dec 2 2013)

      Assorted Southern Oregon Wines & Black Bear Diner

      During my Oregon trip, there wasn't enough time to visit all of the wineries in Southern Oregon, but some of the wineries sent representatives or their wines to the wineries we did visit, so we got some exposure to other wines. I wanted to highlight some of those wines, as well as a cool diner where I ate a couple times. 

      During our visit to Abacela VineyardsPatrick Spangler (pictured on the left) of Spangler Vineyards joined us for the tour and lunch. Pat purchased the vineyard and winery in 2004, and has about 9 acres of grapes, purchasing ...

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  6. Oregon Bounty

    1. Weiss Entices

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)

      Weiss Entices

      The Rhine River and its tributaries may be the ancestral home to white Riesling, but the noble varietal has found a welcome place in wine regions around the world. Oregon is one of those places where, in the right areas and under the right conditions, growers have become convinced Germany's premier grape can consistently attain excellence if not greatness.

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    2. Mmmmmmarket

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)


      Red Hills Market may look old; its Victorian false-front features populate a hundred Western towns and movies. Even its concept is something of a throwback to the good old days of handmade food and wine chosen by a proprietor more likely to hug you than shake your hand.

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    3. 5 Dreamy Rieslings Primed to Invade Your Summer Sipping

      Explore Portland Monthly Magazine (Jul 10 2014)

      5 Dreamy Rieslings Primed to Invade Your Summer Sipping

      Welcome back to Take Five, a fresh Eat Beat feature that offers up five must-try culinary finds from food and drink experts around town. Next up, Oregon's darling summer white...

      The Summer of Riesling may officially last for just one season, but here in Portland, Sommeliers and wine directors celebrate the noble varietal every day of the year.

      Over the past few years, Oregon has stepped into the international spotlight for its Rieslings—rather than trying to rival Germany, our home state is bringing its own interpretation of this terroir-transparent grape to the world.

      Want to get in on ...

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    4. Oregon Pinot Noir: Complements from a Chef

      Explore Touring and Tasting (Jun 30 2014)

      Oregon Pinot Noir: Complements from a Chef

      It is impossible to think of Oregon wine without thinking of Oregon Pinot Noir. The state’s incredibly diverse growing regions— from the warmer climates and plentiful soil types found in the southern part of the state, to the cooler climates and unique soils found to the north—have it all. Although the tremendous variety of soils and climates allows Oregon vintners to produce many varietals, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Riesling, it is the Pinot Noir grape with its abundant nuances in flavor and aromas that truly showcases our state’s diverse terroir.

      As an Oregon chef who specializes in ...

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  7. People and Places

    1. DANCIN days are here again

      Explore Home - MailTribune.com - Medford, OR (21 hours, 17 min ago)

      It's all about the pinot noir and the chardonnay at DANCIN Vineyard.

      It's also about owner Dan Marca's passion for growing fine grapes and making great wine.

      Dan and Cindy Marca purchased their 10-acre vineyard site off South Stage Road in 2007. To decide what varietals would do best, they consulted with experienced local vineyard manager Randy Gold of Pacific Crest Vineyard Services, with climatologist and geologist Greg Jones of Southern Oregon University, with Southern Oregon wine grape pioneer Porter Lombard, and with Glenn McGourty, Viticulture & Plant Science Advisor with the University of California's Viticulture Program ...

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    2. King-Sized AVA

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)

      King-Sized AVA

      A recent proposal to expand the Willamette Valley AVA (American Viticulture Area) by approximately five miles to the south has been “Accepted as perfected,” meaning the petition meets the requirements for boundary expansion, but it is not a guarantee that the Taxation and Trade Bureau (TTB) will proceed with the rulemaking.

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    3. Business Blend

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)

      Business Blend

      In 1959, an explosion that came to be known as “The Blast” tore apart downtown Roseburg. One of the surviving buildings was the Historic Hansen Chevrolet Building, owned by the Hansen family since 1937.

      Just as that blast transformed downtown, an explosion of a different kind has occurred, and the Hansen Building is once again at the epicenter. The renovations began one year ago, and on July 4, Paul O’Brien Winery opened as the first urban winery in Roseburg.

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    4. Weisinger’s Reimagined

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Jul 30 2014)

      Weisinger’s Reimagined

      The Weisingers’ release party in early July ushered in a new era for the Southern Oregon winery. At the gala, second-generation Eric Weisinger introduced the new name, Weisinger Family Winery, new look and new philosophy to this local industry pioneer, formerly known as Weisinger’s of Ashland.

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