1. Annual Oregon Pinot noir sales (cases)

  2. Holiday weekend brings visitors to wine country

  3. 'Plug and Pinot' offers gas-free wine country tour

  4. Oregon winemakers debut new iPad app

  5. SOWI Director featured in national publication

  6. Oregon's wine industry continues to ripen

  7. Oregon Pinot Gris

  8. The Oregon Wine Board

       The Oregon Wine Board is a semi-independent Oregon state agency managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance the Oregon wine and wine grape industry. The Board works on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state’s diverse winegrowing regions. The Oregon wine grape and wine industry contributes more than $2.7 billion in economic activity to the state economy each year, including more than 13,518 wine-related jobs and $382 million in wages.

  1. Events

    1. 66 Oregon Winemakers are Coming to Seattle

      Explore Seattle Magazine (Aug 28 2014)

      66 Oregon Winemakers are Coming to Seattle

      When a bunch of winemakers travel from their vineyards so close to crush, they must have good reason. For more than five dozen Oregon winemakers traveling to Seattle on September 11, that reason is to spread the Burgundian-grape gospel at Pinot in the City.

      Every spring and fall, the Willamette Valley’s top winemakers hit the road to personally bring their wines–and their stories--to big cities like L.A., Chicago and New York. For this fall’s expedition, Seattle gets the honors, as 66 winemakers and owners convene at the industrial-chic Sodo Park event space just south of downtown ...

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    2. Oregon Is The New Bounty

      Explore Portland Food Events (Aug 27 2014)

      Feast Portland has over 30 uniquely delicious events, but our biggest showcase of Oregon’s best food and drink is the two-day Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting presented by Alaska Airlines on Friday, September 19th and Saturday, September 20th, featuring 38 wineries, 18 breweries, and more than 20 artisans and chefs. And it’s not just Portland representing – this is a celebration of all of Oregon, and our friends at Travel Oregon have helped us bring together artisans and chefs from every region of the state, from Bandon to Eugene to Central Point and beyond.


      While guests eat and drink their ...

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    3. Southern Oregon World of Wine Festival in Jacksonville: Seminars, gala and more

      Explore Welcome to Examiner.com (Aug 20 2014)

      Southern Oregon World of Wine Festival in Jacksonville: Seminars, gala and more

      At wine educator Peter Adesman's monthly blind tastings at his Medford house, he pours from 14 to 18 bottles, each concealed in a brown paper bag and secured by a rubber band around the neck to hide the identity. If you really want to learn about wine, he and other experts advise, taste it without seeing the bottle or label, otherwise you will be influenced by prior tasting experiences and visits to the winery.

      Adesman will present a side-by-side tasting of some of the best Old World wines against Southern Oregon wines on Aug. 20 as part of the ...

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    4. An abundance of amoré and wine at Italy in the Valley

      Explore Welcome to Examiner.com (Aug 18 2014)

      An abundance of amoré and wine at Italy in the Valley

      The only event of its kind in the state, Italy in the Valleyserves up nothing but Italian wine varietals made here in Oregon. Held at Cana’s Feast Winery in Carlton, wine lovers will find a wide variety of white and red wines from Arneis to Zinfandel’s Italian cousin Primitivo. With music from the old country played by an accordion maestro, you’re sure to feel transported to Italy while sipping some unique and uncommon wines.

      Ed Fus, owner and winemaker at Angel Vine Wine, says this about the event;
      “Angel Vine has participated at Italy In the ...

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    5. Original Oregon: Umpqua Valley's HillCrest Vineyards

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Aug 7 2014)

      Original Oregon: Umpqua Valley's HillCrest Vineyards

      The Oregon wine industry and the Willamette Valley have come to be synonymous with American Pinot Noir. It didn't all start there though. To find the birthplace of the modern Oregon wine industry you'll need to travel south on I-5 from what has come to be known as Oregon Pinot country until you get to the town of Roseburg.

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  2. OWB Blog

  3. Vintage Oregon Blog

  4. Oregon Wine News

    1. Wine on Deck

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Wine on Deck

      Portland artist Aaron Voronoff Trotter, creator of Illustrated Playing Cards, has completed his latest series featuring drawings of scenic wineries and tasting rooms from the northern Willamette Valley and Hood River.

      Each card represents a visit to a specific winery, sketched on location and later embellished with watercolor pencil and ink. To achieve the rich wine-soaked color of the box, he submerged the prototype in Oregon Pinot Noir.

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    2. Green on the Ground

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Green on the Ground

      ((script|Author Cortell))

      By Jessica Cortell

      Clusters, shoots, green drop, wings, shoulders, thirds… What is all this talk about? At this time of year, in many Oregon winegrape vineyards, dried clusters of grapes are littering the ground. For an outsider seeing a lot of fruit being dropped is surprising. Why would anyone want to thin fruit off anyway?

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    3. Virtual Tour Launches

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Virtual Tour Launches

      Wineries360.com — an interactive, virtual media directory and map system created by Portland-based software company and virtual media innovator Visiting Media — is in the final stages of developing an Oregon project in partnership with Oregon Wine Press (OWP).

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    4. Walla Walla beckons visitors to taste wine, enjoy food, small town hospitality

      Explore oregonlive.com (Aug 22 2014)

      Walla Walla beckons visitors to taste wine, enjoy food, small town hospitality

      Northstar has a wine-blending program, where participants learn to blend wine to their taste and create their own bottle label. Not far west across the highway, which is S.R. 125 in Washington, Basel Cellars' tasting room is part of a stunning river-rock and log lodge fit for a medieval king.

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  5. Oregon Wine Bloggers

    1. Three Things You Didn't Know About Oregon Wine Country

      Explore Wine - Answers.com (Aug 26 2014)

      Three Things You Didn't Know About Oregon Wine Country

      The state of Oregon, in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, is home to seventeen designated wine growing areas, which house over 200 wine tasting rooms and about 550 wineries, many of which are small, family-owned operations producing fewer than 5,000 cases of wine per year. All told, wine-related tourism in Oregon is big business, contributing an estimated $158 million in revenue to the state's economy. While many wine lovers known Oregon for world-class Pinot Noir (first planted in the area in the 1960s), as well as excellentChardonnay and Riesling, there are interesting facts about Oregon's wine ...

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    2. All-Stars and Rookies: The Wines with Character Trading Cards of the Chehalem Mountains AVA

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (May 19 2014)

      All-Stars and Rookies: The Wines with Character Trading Cards of the Chehalem Mountains AVA

      When I was a kid I collected baseball cards because the generation before me had nostalgia and money and they would and could spend ridiculous amounts of money on the baseball cards they had as kids but either lost, forgot or neglected. So, frankly my generation was set up believing that this was some kind of an "investment" along with comic books. Sucker bet.

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    3. Photo gallery: Willamette Valley bud break

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Apr 30 2014)

      Photo gallery: Willamette Valley bud break

      The first sign of the 2014 vintage began showing about two weeks ago when tiny leaves started to emerge from Pinot Noir vines in the northern Willamette Valley.

      Winemakers and grape growers in the Dundee Hills and Yamhill-Carlton American Viticultural Areas said bud break this year was right on time – or even a bit early. They are delighted by the good start to the 2014 vintage, and warm days this week are helping to get the vines started on a solid path early in the growing season.

      Following are a few photos from the northern Willamette Valley on Monday and ...

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    4. Cranberries and Dirt: Guide to Oregon Pinot Noir

      Explore Wine Folly (Jan 6 2014)

      If you’re wondering what Oregon wine is really like and want to understand the region a little better, this guide will help you understand the grape varieties, the sub-regions and the taste that makes Oregon wine so unique. In particular, we’ll be talking mostly about Oregon’s largest region: The Willamette Valley which is known for Oregon Pinot Noir.

      Q: What Does Oregon Do Best?

      A: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay


      First Oregon Pinot: David and Diana Lett plant Pinot Noir in Dundee Hills in 1965
      True grit. Newly minted Oregonians David and Diana Lett
      plant Pinot Noir (1965). Courtesy Linfield College

      Interestingly enough, I grew up in the Willamette Valley and ...

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    5. Friday Find, December 6th: Tertulia Cellars

      Explore nwwineanthem.com (Dec 6 2013)

      Friday Find, December 6th: Tertulia Cellars

      Each Friday we highlight a wine from the Northwest that we think is a real "find. " By find we might mean that it's a steal, as all of these wines we'll feature weekly are at or under $20. We might also mean "Hey, you really need to go find this" and it might be a wine that we feel not enough people know about. In any case, with the weekend pending we're hoping to help you "find" a wine to kickoff the weekend right.

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  6. Oregon Bounty

    1. Abacela, Agate Ridge shine at Southern Oregon World of Wine competition

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Aug 29 2014)

      Abacela, Agate Ridge shine at Southern Oregon World of Wine competition

      An Albariño by Umpqua Valley icon Abacela and a Malbec made by Agate Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Point were the clear winners at this year’s Southern Oregon World of Wine competition, a judging panel which featured two Masters of Wine.

      agate-ridge-vineyard-2011-malbec-bottleThe field of 207 wines from 49 wineries was evaluated be Dilek Caner, MW, founder of Tasting World in Dallas, Texas; Amy Christine, MW, of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant and proprietor of Black Sheep Finds in Lompoc, Calif., and Mike Dunne, Sacramento Bee columnist. The competition has recruited 12 Masters of Wine to serve on its single, three-person ...

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    2. Favorites and Firsts

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Favorites and Firsts

      Routines. We all have them. Several are necessary. Without routines, many tasks would not get accomplished. Without routines, many of us would be lost in this world — this writer is one of them.

      The same can be said of breaking routines. We have all done it. It is necessary. If you never ventured outside your comfort zone, you’d miss out on all that life has to offer, including food.

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    3. In Quest of a Queen

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      In Quest of a Queen

      Oregon Chardonnay producers are on an expedition. Given that Pinot Noir has done very well in Oregon, logic dictates that Chardonnay should also have the potential to thrive, which they are out to prove.

      This reasoning is based on the Burgundian model. In France’s famed Burgundy region, from the Chablis to the Chalonnaise, Chardonnay flourishes, so much so that the finest examples are considered, in their own way, to be just as exalted as their Pinot Noir counterparts.

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    4. Oregon’s Overlooked Gem: Riesling

      Explore Wine Enthusiast Magazine (Aug 27 2014)

      Oregon’s Overlooked Gem: Riesling

      The wine business is relentlessly trendy, so it’s natural to want to dazzle your geekiest pals by pulling out a bottle of “the next big thing.”

      Here’s a tip: Everything old is new again.

      In Oregon, Pinot Noir rules the reds, no question. But what’s been getting the buzz among Oregon’s white wines? Riesling, the grape that first defined Northwest viticulture in the 1970s.

      At a tasting of Knudsen-­Erath wines in the late 1980s, it was a 12-year-old Riesling—not a Pinot—that won my heart. It had aged beautifully, with a glorious bouquet of ...

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  7. People and Places

    1. Formaglini Vineyards

      Explore Home Page (Aug 28 2014)

      Formaglini Vineyards

      I recently discovered a nearby Oregon winery owner residing in Orange County, California who has sought success with Oregon Pinot Noir. David de Lancellotti is a very animated and passionate wine lover who has an interesting story to tell behind his inaugural release of 2012 Formaglini Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

      David grew up in a traditional Italian immigrant family living in Orange County where wine was always on the dinner table. As he pursued a career in the tech industry and raised a family, he maintained a close relationship with his Italian heritage, visiting Italy annually with ...

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    2. Historically Honeywood

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Historically Honeywood

      By Ken Friedenreich

      Wine enjoyment and wine lore resemble baseball — each a version of the pastoral. Both pastimes are defined by place — one can say Rogue River or Côte-d’Or, and the initiated know exactly what’s meant — like mentioning “the Green Monster” or “the House that Ruth built.”

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    3. Ledger David Cellars hires Evans as first full-time winemaker

      Explore Great Northwest Wine (Aug 27 2014)

      Ledger David Cellars hires Evans as first full-time winemaker

      Florida native B. Kiley Evans got his winemaking start in Southern Oregon, and three years after making wine in North Carolina, he’s back in the Rogue Valley to take the lead atLedger David Cellars.

      And this will be the second time he’s making wine for co-owners David Traul and wife Lena Varner. The relationship began in 2010 before Evans took a winemaking job at Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery in North Carolina to help care for his ailing father and dying grandmother.

      “Before we left for North Carolina, we had dinner and talked about a bunch of things ...

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    4. Riesling Invasion

      Explore Oregon Wine Press (Aug 27 2014)

      Riesling Invasion

      5Q Wines, A to Z Wineworks, Alexana Winery, AlexEli Vineyard, Anam Cara, Anonymity, Argyle Winery, Bethel Heights, Big Table Farm, Brandborg, Bridgeview, Brooks, Chehalem, David Hill Vineyard, Elk Cove, Foris Vineyards, Hyland Estates, Illahe Vineyards, James Rahn, Jasper Sisco, Lemelson, Love & Squalor, Mad Violets, Memaloose Winery, Methven, Meredith Love, Montinore Estate, Ovum Wines, Ponzi Vineyards, Pastoral Cellars, Ransom, Sweet Cheeks Winery, Teutonic Wines, Tartan Cellars, Trisaetum Winery, Viento Wines, Walnut City Wine Works

      Dr. Loosen, Maximin Grunhaus, Robert Weil, Pacific Rim, Villa Wolf

      If Willamette Valley’s cool climate is perfect for Pinot Noir, then it is perfect for delicate ...

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